Ion Guns:  Model 1403 TOF/SIMS

Design Features
  • High brightness electron impact source for maximum bulk material removal
  • Emission regulated bombardment provides stable ion current with front panel adjustable dynamic range x300
  • Adjustable spot size from 20 µm to > 1 mm for spatially defined sputtering
  • Continuously variable beam energy up to 5keV
  • Neutral species suppression using beam bending optics
  • Beam blanking capability for TOF SIMS
  • Integral beam current monitoring capability
  • Replaceable beam trimming aperture with typical life-time of > 500 hours
  • Dual filaments provide operational backup with typical filament life-time > 500 hours
  • Internal source pressure sensor permits monitoring of ion source pressure
  • All UHV compatible and etch resistant materials used in fabrication
  • Pre-objective lens deflection for reduced spot size
  • Differential pumping to minimize main chamber gas loading
  • Operates over the range of inert gas species

Guaranteed Performance @ 5.0 keV Ar Ions

 Mode  Spot Size
Beam Current
Current Density
 Large Spot
 250 15 µA
 Small Spot
 20 300 µA
Engineering Specifications

 Working Distance
 35 mm
 Neutral Species Suppression
 3° Electrostatic bend optics
 Beam Energy
 ≤ 5 keV continuously variable
 Raster Size
 4 x 4 mm (minimum)
 Mounting Flange
 70 mm (4.5 in) O.D. C.F.
 Differential Pumping
 70 mm (2.75 in) O.D. C.F.
 Supply Gas Inlet
 34 mm (1.33 in) O.D. C.F.
 Source Gases
 He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe
 Bake-out Temperature
 150° C maximum

Model 1403 Schematic

System Integration Details

Model 1403A Controller

View the specifications for the power supply/controller of the 1403.

Typical Performance Data

View the graphs and specifications for the Model 1403 Ion Gun when working under typical conditions below.
  • Objective Focus Voltage vs. Working Distance

Variation of front panel focus potentiometer to produce optimum beam focus for different working distances.
The two curves represent the large spot (high current) and small spot (low current) modes of operation.

  • Current Intensity Profile - 300nA

Beam intensity profile in small spot mode at 300nA, 5keV Ar ions.
The Faraday cup used for these measurements had pinhole diameter ≈ 10µm.

  • Current Intensity Profile - 16uA

Beam intensity profile in large spot mode at 16µA, 5keV Ar ions.
Faraday cup pinhole diameter ≈ 10µm.

  • Time Stability of Current

Ion beam current stability with time using a standard leak valve for gas feed. Stability over the
period was <0.3%. Measurements were repeated every 10 seconds over a period of 30 minutes.

  • Beam Current Pressure Response

Variation of beam current with Ar gas flow rate to the ion source.
The gas flow is monitored in the main chamber.

  • Beam Banking

Change in ion beam current as a result of applying a beam banking voltage.