Ion Guns:  Model 1402 - Low Energy Performance

The Nonsequitur Technologies Model 1402 Ion Gun features high beam currents at very low beam energies. It also may be operated at high beam energies (up to 3keV) to provide additional depth profiling and sample cleaning capability. Likely applications would include charge compensation, ion scattering, and studies of ion/solid interactions.

Ion generation is by means of electron impact ionization with dual filaments for long source life without having to break system .vacuum The filaments are located off axis to prevent line of sight deposition of the filament material onto the sample.

Design Features
  • Unique ion source for stable emission
  • Dual Tungsten alloy filaments
  • Power supply and deflection supply in a single 5-1/4 19" rack mount
  • UHV Construction
  • Electrical connections and gas inlet all rear of housing for simplified installation.

Engineering Specifications

 Beam Energy
 5eV to 3keV continuously variable - 5keV optional
 Beam Current
 5µA maximum @ 2000V beam energy
 Spot Size (FWHM)
 1.5mm @ 1µA, 20eV; 1.0mm @ 2µA, 40eV; 0.2 mm @ 3µA, 1kV, 20 mm W.D
 Electrical  115/220V 50/60 Hz Autoselect