Ion Guns:  Model 1401 - General Purpose

The Nonsequitur Technologies Model 1401 Ion Gun is ideal for use in surface chemistry experiments such as sample preparation and depth profiling with Auger and ESCA. It can be used with inert gasses.

With a beam current of 20µA into a 0.4mm diameter spot at a working distance of 25mm, the gun can deliver 10 times the current density of other commonly available ion guns. Select spot sizes down to 50µm at a beam current of 1µA from the front panel. Beam energy is variable from 5eV to 5kV while maintaining best focus at the sample. Beam current is adjustable independent of beam voltage over a wide range and is measurable from the front panel without external equipment.

Ion generation is by means of electron impact, with dual filaments for long life of the source without having to break system. Ion vacuum source filaments are off axis to prevent line of sight deposition of the filament material onto the sample. The ion source may be differentially pumped either directly into the system or by means of a separate turbo pump for improved system vacuum.

The controller with power supplies and scan electronics is housed in a single 5-1/4" high 19" rack mount cabinet. The Ion Gun can be controlled either from the front panel or through a flexible interface allowing control of beam and focus voltages, ionization current, gas, beam on/off, and raster. The raster scan is digitally generated for uniform etch rate.
Design Features:
  • High current density 15 to 50 mA/cm2 depending on spot size selected.
  • Unique ion source design for stable emission.
  • Dual tungsten filaments with typical filament life-time > 500 hours. Yttria coated iridium optional.
  • Replaceable beam trimming aperture with typical life-time > 500 hours.
  • All UHV compatible and etch resistant materials used in fabrication.
  • Differential pumping tominimize main chamber gas loading.
  • Gun is easily disassembled for maintenance.
  • Electrical connections and gas inlet located on a single flange for easier installation.
  • Preset extraction and condenser lens parameters (three spot size settings) for repeatable operation.
  • Integral beam current measurement.
  • Direct measurement of ion source pressure.
  • System and cable interlocks prevent energizing high voltage with poor vacuum or cable removed.
  • Power supply and raster generator in single 5-1/4 high 19 inch rack mount enclosure.
  • Digitally generated raster option for uniform etch profile.
  • Computer control option.
  • Optional ion source pressure regulation.
Guaranteed Performance @ 5.0 keV Ar Ions

 Mode  Spot Size
Beam Current
Current Density
 Large Spot
 400 20 µA
 Small Spot
 50 1 µA
Engineering Specifications

 Working Distance
 25 mm
 Beam Energy
 ≤ 5 keV continuously variable
 Raster Size
 7 x 7 mm (minimum)
 Mounting Flange
 70 mm (2.75 in) Conflat
 Differential Pumping
 70 mm (2.75 in) Conflat
 Supply Gas Inlet
 34 mm (1.33 in) Conflat
 Source Gases
 He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe
 Bake-out Temperature
 150° C maximum

System Integration Details

Model 1401A Controller

View the specifications for the power supply/controller of the 1401.

Etch Rate Comparison

Comparison between M1401 and Leading Competitor:

Depth Profiles taken through 1000 angstroms of SiO 2 on Si to demonstrate
the advantage in etch rate of the NTI 1401 compared to a leading competitor.