Ion Guns:  Model 1420 - 20kV

Design Features
  • Adjustable spot size ≥ 5um for spatially defined sputtering or implantation
  • Emission regulated bombardment provides stable ion current
  • Continuously variable beam energy 5kV to 20kV
  • Dual octupole for beam scanning and astigmatism correction
  • Pre-objective scanning for reduced spot size
  • No direct filament to sample line of sight to avoid sample contamination
  • Customer replaceable filaments and beam trimming apertures
  • Dual filaments provide operational backup in case of filament end of life
  • All UHV compatible and etch resistant materials used in fabrication
  • Differential pumping to minimize main chamber gas load
  • Operates over the range of inert gases and Nitrogen
  • Thoria coated Iridium filaments for operation with Oxygen
  • Variable aperture for spot size down to 1um
  • Blanking plates for fast beam pulsing
  • Alkali metal source for operation with Cs, Li, Na, K etc
  • Source oven to permit production of ions of evaporable materials
  • Source with integral Wien filter

Performance @ 20kV, Ar Ions

 Mode  Spot Size
Beam Current
Current Density
 Large Spot
 40 20 µA
 Medium Spot
15 5 µA
 Small Spot
8 500 µA

Controller Details
  • Input Power
  • Beam Energy
  • Focus, Condenser
  • Filament Power
  • Ionization
  • Ion Extraction
  • Deflection

  • Interlocks
  • User Interface
  • Chassis Dimensions
115/230VAC 50/60Hz Autoselect
0-20,000V, 1mA
0-20,000V, 1mA
Emission regulated, 5V, 5A max
Electron accelerating voltage and emission software selectable
0-2500V software selectable
+/-400VDV supply for +X,-Y,+Y and -Y. Remaining octupole elements supplied from a resistor divider network. Optional 8 channel deflection supply with astigmatism correction and secondary electron imaging capability
   System and auxiliary interlocks
   USB based graphic user interface
   483(W) x 267(H) x 435 (D) mm. 19 inch rack mount case 6U high

Graphical User Interface