Welcome to Nonsequitur Technologies

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Nonsequitur Technologies (NTI) specialize in the development, design and manufacture of electron and gas phase ion sources for a range of applications.  Read more...

The following is a list of the Ion Guns models we produce:

Our product synopsis includes:
  • Sample cleaning and depth profiling ion guns for surface analysis instrumentse.g. AES, ESCA, and SIMS.
  • Primary focused ion sources for Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS).
  • High resolution focused ion columns for micromachining applications.
  • Low energy ion sources (energy range 20eV - 2.0keV) for surface charge stabilization and sample cleaning.
  • Indirectly heated cathode assemblies for X-ray sources and electron guns.
  • X-ray anodes
  • Electron guns for general applications.

Our ion gun products are used by a wide selection of customers for a variety of applications. Electron emitters, X-ray anodes and electron guns are chiefly manufactured for OEM distribution in the Surface Science community throughout the USA, Japan and Europe.